Below you can find links to my previous and ongoing research projects. I am always open to new collaborations; please e-mail me if you are interested in any of my ongoing research projects.

Most of my research has so far focused on the study of autocratization and authoritarianism. I have explored why people support authoritarian leaders and how political actors interact under authoritarian conditions. My research on authoritarianism has been published in leading political science journals, including Comparative Political Studies and Perspectives on Politics.

More recently, I am shifting my attention to interventions that can improve democratic political participation under authoritarianism. Collaborating with local partners in Turkey and other scholars, I am designing a new set of projects that aims to create societal impact, as well as contributing to academic debates. I am very excited about this new research agenda.

I frequently use online tools in my research to conduct surveys and experiments. These tools have democratised social research; it is now possible to conduct exciting survey research even with small budgets. Yet, more research is needed to understand how to make best use of these tools. I conduct original research on online survey research tools to contribute to this purpose.